May 2024 ICST 2024 is taking place in Toronto, Canada from May 27th to 31st. See you at Testing Tools and Demonstration talks!
May 2024 I will give a new faculty talk “Towards Providing Automated Debugging Supports in the ERA of DevOps” at CSER 2024! See you in Kingston, Canada!
Apr 2024 It has been a pleasure teaching the ECE 422 - Reliable and Secure Systems Design Winter 2024 class. Congratulations again to all students who have reached this milestone!
Apr 2024 I’m excited to share that my research program “Towards Intelligent DevOps in the Era of Large-Language Models” has been granted funding by NSERC through the Discovery program!
Apr 2024 We will present our paper “LLMParser: An Exploratory Study on Using Large Language Models for Log Parsing” at ICSE 2024, see you in Portugal!
Apr 2024 Congratulations to Nakhla and our co-authors on our FSE 2024 paper “Towards Better Graph Neural Network-based Fault Localization Through Enhanced Code Representation”!
Jan 2024 Congratulations to Zeyang and our co-authors on our ICSE 2024 paper “LLMParser: An Exploratory Study on Using Large Language Models for Log Parsing”!
Oct 2023 Do you want to showcase testing-related tools and prototypes? Please consider submitting to the ICST 2024 (Toronto, Canada)! I will be co-chairing the Tool and Demo track.
Sep 2023 I will give a talk on T-Evos at ASE 2023, see you in Luxembourg!
Aug 2023 Congratulations to Zhenhao and our co-authors on our ASE’2023 paper “Are They All Good? Studying Practitioners’ Expectations on the Readability of Log Messages”!